Middlesex County Foxes Association Abrey Cup

The Abrey Cup is a club competition for Foxes Sections within Middlesex County


abrey cup

The Rules – Updated for 2016

1. To qualify players must be in the 9 to 19 handicap range at the time of their first match in each year’s competition (players whose handicap is cut below 9 after their first match may play in subsequent rounds off their reduced handicap; players whose handicap goes up above 19 may also play but off the maximum 19 handicap).

2. Matches will be 9 a-side singles match play, played off handicap (full difference) from the club’s usual white/ medal tees (teams may bring a playing reserve, but this is not mandatory and subject to agreement between the 2 teams).

3. No more than 3 players in any team may be 9 or 10 handicap (or below).

4. Each match should be played to a result; with extra holes played if necessary (unless the overall match result has already been decided).

5. Teams may go out in any order, with Captains exchanging team sheets before play commences.

6. The Final will be played at Sudbury Golf Club (unless they are in the final); the Semi-¬‐Finals will also be played on neutral courses; earlier rounds will be played home or away as drawn.  (NB. teams drawn away in the first round will automatically be given a home draw in the next year’s competition, and vice versa).

7. Dates and times for fixtures should be agreed between teams within the deadlines for each round; teams are requested to be flexible (while weekday p.m. may be the norm, consideration should also be given to weekend p.m. or a late pm weekday start, at 4p.m. or even 5 p.m.

8. There will be a formal meal and prize giving following the Final; there is no expectation for a meal after earlier rounds (this is for agreement between the 2 teams concerned but generally a sociable drink plus maybe sandwiches will suffice).

9. Immediately following each match the winning Captain should inform the Captains of the 2 teams they could face in the next round, copying Chris Baker and Paul Benjamin on behalf of Middlesex Foxes, who will also circulate an updated draw sheet to all clubs  with results every week or 2 during the competition (we may also set up a website, tbc).

10. There will be an entry fee of £40 per club (payable with entry form) for cover prizes, medals and related expenses (this is waived for the existing 8 Middlesex County Foxes Association members as already covered within their annual subscription).

11. Any questions or disputes should be addressed to the Abrey subcommittee whose decision will be final.


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