Middlesex County Foxes Association Abrey Cup

The Abrey Cup is a club competition for Foxes Sections within Middlesex County


Stanmore Win!  (5.5 – 3.5)image1


Round 2 results

Finchley (H) beat Muswell Hill 6-3

Ealing (H) beat Pinner Hill 6.5-2.5

Stanmore (H) beat Grim’s Dyke 5-4

West Middlesex (H) beat Northwood 5-4



Stanmore beat West Middlesex 5-4 (at Ealing)

Finchley beat Ealing 5-4 (at Mill Hill)



Stanmore vs. Finchley – 1pm Saturday 1 October at Sudbury

SUDBURY ARE 2016 ABREY CUP CHAMPIONS (winning 5.5-3.5)

Results update 18.7.16

Abrey 2016 Draw – Results 18.8.16

Updated Draw

Round 1

Northwood (A) beat Batchworth Park - 5.5/3.5

Pinner Hill (A) beat Fulwell - 5/4

Finchley (H) beat Hendon - 5/4

Muswell Hill (H) beat West Herts - 7/2

Ealing (H) beat Ashford Manor - 6/3

West Middlesex (A) beat Wyke Green - 5/4

Grim's Dyke (H) beat Sudbury - 6/3

Stanmore (H) beat Mill Hill - 5/4

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There are 16 Middlesex Clubs for the 2016 Abrey Cup

Ashford Manor
Batchworth Park
Grim’s Dyke
Mill Hill
Muswell Hill
Pinner Hill
West Herts
West Middlesex
Wyke Green

Welcome to the home of the Abrey Cup

The Middlesex County Foxes Association Abrey Cup
Course Wembley Arch

A nine-man team, knockout competition played against eight Middlesex clubs. Each round is played on a neutral course, followed by dinner in the same way as the Foxes friendly matches.